Security glass

Security glass is available as Fire-resistant glass, Alarm glass, Anti-vandalism glass, Anti-burglar glass and Bullet-proof glass.

Security glass can be applied on different security levels public buildings, financial institutions, banks, museums, luxury mansions, etc. 

Fire-resistant glasssecurity glass

Fire-resistant glass is a multi-laminated glass with special multi-intumescent interlayers between glass sheets for outstanding fire protection by both integrity and heat insulation criteria during  the provided time. The intumescent interlayer expands at around 120°C transforming into a rigid  opaque shield with limited temperature rise,  as well as excellent acoustical quality, which offers maximum protection for the  escape ways  and property.

Alarm glass

Alarm glass is a single-panel  tempered safety glass with an alarm function, where a conductive loop is baked into the surface of the glass. In the event that the glass is broken, the current flowing through the conductive loop is interrupted, triggering the alarm. The Alarm glass can also be as special laminated glass designed and manufactured for security purposes. The interlayer is embedded with a very thin wire and then "sandwiched" between two or more sheets of glass. The wire forms an electricl circuit, which activates alarm when the glass is forced.

Anti-vandalism glass and Anti-burglar glass

Anti-vandalism glass and Anti-burglar glass are characterized by higher resistance against any attacks with heavy objects. The foil embedded between the glass panels prevents the  breakage  and is a difficult obstacle for people, who want to enter a room without authorization.  In each application laminated glass would  be composed  for the specific level of protection required.

Bullet-proof glass

Bullet-proof glass against gunshots is a kind of laminated glass, which is combined from  many pieces of glass and interlayers with a total thickness of 20 to 50 mm for effectively preventing a bullet from penetrating the glass even the glass has been smashed.

All types of Security glass listed here can also be made as part of Insulated Glass Units, etc.

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