Enameled glass

Enameled glass or Ceramic-coated glass is tempered or heat-strengthened glass, one side of which is covered, either partially or totally with inorganic glaze. In addition to its decorative function with various colors and patterns, enameled glass is also a solar ray controller, has non-porous surface with excellent scratch resistance and is easy to clean. Strengthened by tempering it has a high safety performance.

This type of glass is widely used in architectural interior and exterior decoration.

Enameled glass is available on the glass base as follows: 

  • Clear glass
  • Extra clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Energy saving glass
  • Solar control glass

Available Enameled glass:

  • Enameled Tempered (or heat-strengthened) glass
  • Enameled Tempered Cut-out glass
  • Enameled Tempered Laminated glass
  • Enameled Heat-strengthened Laminated glass
  • Enameled Tempered Curved glass
  • Enameled Heat-strengthened Curved glass
  • Enameled Tempered Laminated Curved glass
  • Enameled Heat-strengthened Laminated Curved glass
  • Enameled Tempered (or heat-strengthened) Insulated Glass Units
  • Enameled Tempered (or heat-strengthened) Laminated Insulated Glass Units
  • Etc..


  • Thickness: 3-19 mm
  • Maximum size:  3300 x 7000 mm
  • Different edge work and drills
  • Different shapes
  • Different designs
  • By RAL colors