Laminated glass

Laminated glass is safety glass made by laminating 2 or more sheets of glass with different interlayers, like polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The glass and interlayer are fused together by heat and pressure. The laminated glass reduces noise and saves energy by heat insulation. It has also UV- filters   and as high safety glass is preventing disintegrating if broken under extreme conditions.

Laminated glass is widely used in curtain wall installations, canopies, skylights, screens, security partition, etc.

Laminated glass is available on the glass base as follows: 

  • Clear glass
  • Extra clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Energy saving glass
  • Solar control glass

With film interlayers:

  • PVB
  • EVA
  • SGP Centry
  • Vanceva
  • Sound proof
  • Metal mesh
  • Fabric
  • Etc...

Available Laminated glass:

  • Laminated glass
  • Laminated Tempered (or heat-strengthened) glass
  • Laminated Silk-screened tempered glass
  • Laminated Enameled tempered glass
  • Laminated Digital print tempered glass
  • Laminated Curved glass
  • Laminated Curved tempered (or heat-strengthened) glass
  • Laminated Energy saving glass
  • Laminated Solar control glass
  • Laminated Alarm glass
  • Laminated Anti-vandalism security glass
  • Laminated Anti-burglar security glass
  • Laminated Bullet-proof security glass
  • Laminated Insulated Glass Units
  • Laminated Tempered Insulated Glass Units
  • Etc..


  • Thickness: 4-80 mm
  • Maximum size:  3600 x 16000 mm
  • Different edge work and drills
  • Different shapes